Online Rishta in Pakistan
Marriage is an important social and religious duty that everyone wants to fulfill in the best possible way.
In Pakistan, weddings are considered a great opportunity for people to gather and have fun.
All the relatives and friends give advice and prayers to the new couple for a better start to married life and mutual harmony.
But how this pair is formed is an important question.
People who want to get married easily form a couple if they find a suitable person among their acquaintances. Otherwise, they hire professional matchmakers.
These services are now available both online and offline.
Online matchmaking is booming in Pakistan due to rising literacy rates and internet usage. This is also called an online Rishta service.
met and wed is also an online Rishta service where you can view Pakistani marriage proposals with contact numbers after registration.
According to website records, more than 90% of accounts are created by a parent or guardian. This parental involvement makes this website more trustworthy and family-oriented.
Our success rate is higher than other existing online matrimony services.

Educated and well to do marriage proposals
The majority of the members belong to educated, civilized, and well-to-do families. So no one can help you in choosing a better partner than us.

How to create an account?
Open the website and click on the register link. Create an account with all your valid details.
Once the account is created, follow the instructions and take advantage of our fastest match finder software.
You can take advantage of the many features of this Rishta website for free.

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